Video aims to clarify water facts

Video aims to clarify water facts

The US-based International Bottled Water Association has launched a video on its website in a bid to “correct misinformation about bottled water and set the facts straight”.

The video, launched on Friday (22 January), is aimed at consumers and features a teenager who moves through her day encountering “anti-bottled water” message and fact-based information about bottled water.

Bottled water sales have stagnated across several western markets and in some countries, notably the UK and US, companies and analysts have blamed environmental campaigns against the sector.

“We decided to produce this video because we realise that some of the misinformation about bottled water being spread around may cause some conflict for consumers,” said Tom Lauria, IBWA vice president of communications.

“Consumers need to know the facts. We want them to enjoy drinking bottled water – not feel conflicted by their choice."