Sam Adams producer Boston Beer Co reported its second quarter results, which saw the company's profits rise slightly after higher costs offset a jump of more than 20% in sales.

Profits for the quarter reached US$4.8m, compared with $4.7 million a year earlier. Earnings per share were unchanged at 29 cents per share.

Net sales rose to $58.9 million from $48.6 million, and net revenue per barrel increased 4.3 percent during the quarter, due in part to price increases, the company said.

However, Boston Beer said it had higher advertising, selling and promotion expenses, due mainly to the introduction of Sam Adams Light beer in certain US markets. Cost of goods sold jumped to $23.4m from $19.4m, while advertising and related expenses rose to $24.6m from $18.4m.

Sales volume increased 16.1 percent from a year ago to 353,000 barrels, while distributor sales to retailers rose 8.2 percent to 314,000 barrels.