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German drinks group Borgmann & Clausen’s herbal liqueur brand Borgmann 1772 is set to make its UK debut tomorrow (5 December). 

The 39% abv liqueur, which has been available in Germany since 2006, has gained an initial listing at Gerry’s Wine and Spirits shop, in Soho, central London. It will be sold for GBP26 (US$42.53) for a 500ml bottle and will also be available through Gerry's website. 

According to Borgmann & Clausen, the brand is "renowned (in Germany) for its sell-out limited edition bottles by artists in the fields of design, style and music". 

“With the demand for Borgmann 1772 on the increase in the UK, we felt an iconic institution such Gerry’s was the perfect location for our first UK listing,” said Joern Clausen, MD of Berlin-based Borgmann & Clausen. 

UK distribution of the product is being handled by London-based Marblehead Brand Development.