Twenty-three co-operatives in the Gironde départment of Bordeaux have pooled their forces and created an umbrella group, Terre de Vignerons.

The aim is to carry more weight in negotiating with the French supermarket sector, while developing brands with a common signature in both domestic and international markets, a spokesperson for Terre de Vignerons told just-drinks today (16 January).

The new group brings together 2,000 wine-growers in the Entre-deux-Mers area, working 18,000 hectares of vineyards and generating an annual output of 1m hectolitres, the equivalent of 18% of total wine production in the Gironde and 65% of the total output of co-operatives in the département.

Terre de Vignerons is equipped with two packaging units, comprising five bottling lines and one bag-in-box line.

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