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Bols Kyndal's Bols Premier XO Excellence

Category - Spirits, brandy, 42.8% abv

Available - From this week

Location - India, initially in Tamil Nadu with other southern states to follow

Price - INR760 (US$14.30) per 75cl bottle, also available in 37.5cl (INR380) and 1.8cl (INR190)

Distribution - Kyndal India

Bols Kyndal has lined up the launch of Bols Premier XO Excellence brandy in India. The expression, which has been aged for three years, will initially be available in the state of Tamil Nadu, which is India’s biggest brandy market. It will be sold in the off-trade through state-controlled TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) outlets.

The brandy is imported from Lucas Bols in Amsterdam and bottled and distributed in India through Kyndal India.

Bols Kyndal is a joint-venture between Lucas Bols BV and Kyndal India Pvt Ltd.

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BOLS Kyndal India, a joint venture between Lucas BOLS BV and Kyndal India Pvt. Ltd, announces the introduction of Premium Brandy BOLS Premier XO Excellence in Tamil Nadu. It will be made available to consumer through TASMAC outlets across the state. 

Packaged in a beautiful canister, BOLS Premier makes a statement as the most luxurious and premium offering in the market at Rs 760 for Quart (750ml), at Rs 380 for Pint (375ml) and at Rs 190 for Nip (180ml).

Shiny and golden brown colored BOLS Premier X.O. Excellence brandy is copper pot distilled and beautifully blended and matured with genuine imported grape spirit in French oak casks for three years. The brown color is obtained due to the filtration after the distilling process in potstills. BOLS Premier X.O. Excellence has a distinctive fruity, sweet and woody taste which harmonises perfectly to captivate the tongue and linger on the palate. It is an exceptionally smooth and exquisite brandy, made by using genuine grape spirit and the authentic fruitiness comes from the special touch by adding natural fruit extracts. 

Mr. Siddharth Banerji, MD, Kyndal India Pvt Ltd. said – “BOLS Premier is a harmony of sensations, a brandy so intriguing, modern yet ancient. With the launch of BOLS Premier XO Excellence, we are confident that it would do exceptionally well in the market as the Indian brandy consumers would get a chance to try something unique for the first time. BOLS Premier is an exciting blend of different distilled potstilled brandies matured in selected French oak barrels for 3 years to give a perfect blend to meet the discerning requirements of consumers. With the introduction of BOLS Premier, we believe it will going to be a perfect choice for all the loyal consumers of brandy who have a fine taste and would like to experience hight quality.”  

Established in the year 1575, BOLS is the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand opened by the BOLS family in Amsterdam. Since then, it has mastered the art of distilling, and blending, and uses the perfect ingredients from around the world in accordance with the traditional recipes that have been handed down through the generations of Lucas BOLS master distillers. More than four centuries of craftsmanship, passion and experience join each other perfectly in the BOLS Premier.

Recently Kyndal India has launched Bootz Authentic Dutch Grape brandy in South India.

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