Boland Cellars, which has been adding a new wine varietal called Nouvelle to its Sauvignon Blanc since 2002 to provide it with stronger grassy, green pepper flavours, has now launched it as a stand alone wine.

The 2005 Boland Cellars Nouvelle, bottled last week will retail nationally at R75 for 750ml. A small batch of 400 cases would be made available for the year. The rest of the wine would be blended with Boland's Sauvignon blanc.

Nouvelle is a cross between Crouchen Blanc and Semillon, created between 1958 and 1962 by viticulturist Professor Chris Orffer and his team, when he was a lecturer at Stellenbosch University.

It was originally known as Gras 26 and KWV kept it as part of its stock of plant material in its Vititech plant improvement section.

In the mid-1990s Vititech personnel offered batches of Nouvelle at tastings. Boland's cellarmaster Altus le Roux saw the potential in the grape and convinced one of his suppliers to plant just under a hectare of it in 1997.

Since its successful introduction as a blending wine, at least 64 hectares have been planted throughout the Cape.