Lanson-BCC is born

Lanson-BCC is born

Boizel Chanoine Champagne has changed its name to Lanson-BCC to reflect the group's focus on the Lanson Champagne brand in international markets.

Company shareholders approved the name switch at a general meeting on 4 June, Lanson-BCC said today (7 June).

"This new name, adopted at a time when Champagne Lanson is celebrating its 250th anniversary, will help give the group a name that is more in keeping with its profile, its rationale and its ambitions," the company said.

Lanson is the firm's flagship international brand. The group owns six other Champagne houses, including Maison Burtin, Champagne Boizel and Champagne Chanoine Freres, but these are not so well-known outside of France.

In addition to the name change, Lanson-BCC will also issue one "bonus share" for every 10 shares held in the company, increasing its share capital by 9%. The new shares will be registered on 19 July.

In March, Lanson-BCC reported a fall in profits of nearly 22% to EUR16m (US$21.6m) for the 12 months of 2009, compared to EUR20.5m in 2008.

Sales for the year fell by 8% to EUR276m, still outperforming an average 17% drop in value sales across the Champagne sector during the same period.

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