Boisset Family Estates has struck a partnership with Lockwood Vineyard in the US.

The France-based company, which owns wineries in France, Italy, Canada and the US, confirmed late last week that it will take responsibility for “the long-term stewardship” of Lockwood in California. While Lockwood's founders will maintain ownership of the estate, Boisset will “propel” the Lockwood brand in the US.

Specifics of the tie-up were not disclosed.

“We are excited to have found a partner to continue the legacy of the Lockwood brand,” said Paul Toeppen, one of Lockwood's original partners. “They (Boisset) … will build upon the best parts of the Lockwood Vineyard brand. We know the Boisset family is committed to the California wine world for the long-term.”

Founded in 1989, Lockwood Vineyard consists of 1,850 acres at the base of the Santa Lucia mountain range in Monterey. Volumes for the company currently stand at around 75,000 cases per year.