US spirits group Heaven Hill Distilleries has launched yet another addition to its stable of flavoured vodkas.

Heaven Hill said yesterday (21 February) that Burnett's Blueberry Vodka, the 14th flavour in the range, is now on sale in the US.

"The Burnett's flavours have been able to quickly capitalise on consumer trends in the flavoured spirit arena," said Reid Hafer, brand manager for Heaven Hill's Burnett's franchise. "The result is a successful line of flavoured vodkas that continues to grow in volume and offerings annually."

A Heaven Hill spokesman refused to reveal the sales of Burnett's vodka in the US but said the core vodka product is growing at "double-digits" annually - with the flavoured stable growing faster.

The spokesman said: "We're doing a good job of reflecting consumer demand for a variety of flavours at a price-point that combines very good quality vodka with brand availability."

The 35% abv blueberry variant is priced at US$9.99, in line with other Burnett's flavours.