Click through to view Big Rocks Paradox Dark Light Ale and Purple Gas

Click through to view Big Rock's Paradox Dark Light Ale and Purple Gas

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Big Rock Brewery's Paradox Dark Light Ale and Purple Gas

Category - Beer; Paradox, 3.75% abv; Purple Gas, 5.2% abv

Available - From this week

Location - Canada. In Alberta from 1 April; in British Colombia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba from today (5 April)

Price - Only available as part of Big Rock Brewery Swingers Pack; SRP from CAD29.99 (US$29.60)

Distribution - Big Rock Brewery in Alberta; BDL in Saskatchewan and Manitoba; Signature in BC Interior; Container World in BC Lower Mainland; IBD on Vancouver Island.

Big Rock Brewery has launched two new beers as part of its summer-season 15-can multipack, Swingers Pack.

Paradox Dark Light Ale and Purple Gas sit alongside the Canadian brewer's SAAZ Republic Pilz, IPA and Grasshopper, the company said this week. Paradox Dark Light Ale combines the full body of dark ale with the easy-drinking of light ale while Purple Gas contains berries and agave necter, Big Rock said.

A spokesperson for Big Rock said it plans to launch 15 new seasonal brews this year.

Price increases helped drive a profits leap in Big Rock's full-year results, released last month. Net profits were up by 63% year-on-year while operating profits climbed by 68%.

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Big Rock Brewery Inc. (TSX: BR) If you like variety, Big Rock has the perfect 15 can pack for you: The Swinger Pack. Available April 1, 2013, this new offer features five delicious beers perfect for the summer: IPA, Grasshopper, SAAZ Republic Pilz and two new players, Paradox Dark Light Ale and Purple Gas.

Meet the players:

Paradox Dark Light Ale is the seemingly impossible union of two opposing forces: the full flavour and body of true dark craft ale with the easy-drinking thirst-quenching nature of light beer. Drink it now, before it’s gone...

Purple Gas is a refreshing fruit beer which harmoniously merges satisfying wheat ale with tart, fruity Saskatoon berries and is finished with a touch of blue agave nectar. The result is an easy-drinking beverage that will soothe your soul after a long day working in the fields (or sitting on the patio).

SAAZ Republic Pilz has a soft malty flavour balanced with a mild bitterness and a fragrant hop nose. Poured in a glass, SAAZ Republic Pilz is a thing of beauty, sporting a dense, white head atop a golden yellow body.

IPA is a classic pale ale, dry hopped to lend a distinctive cascade hop character and aroma. With a warm citrusy flavour and bouquet, it’s a balanced, sessionable beer that seduces instead of overpowers your taste buds.

Grasshopper is a kristallweizen which is light on the palate, yet packed with flavour and European hop aroma, with fruity or citrusy notes.

If you want to know exactly where you can pick up The Swinger Pack, you can start your search by putting on your beer goggles and heading to our website’s beer finder feature at

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