It's hot outside and consumers are thirsty! What are they going to do? Reach for a Coke or Pepsi? No way! More and more, today's consumers are looking for a unique thirst quenching experience. A beverage that is cool and refreshing, but even more than that -- a beverage that provides an image of health and style. "This is what the new age beverage industry is all about," says John Craven, President of Today's consumers are looking for that unique thirst quenching experience that sets them apart. is pleased to announce the complete list of recipients of its Top Ten Hottest Beverages for Summer 2000:

1. Clearly Canadian Sparkling Waters
2. Red Bull Energy Drink
3. Snapple Elements
4. Nantucket Nectars Freshly Blended
5. Jones Whop Ass Energy Drink
6. SoBe Lean Diet Beverages
7. Mistic Zotics
8. Virgin Hi-Energy Drink
9. Arizona Rx Enhanced Elixirs
10. Stewart's S Diet Sodas

Since its inception in early 1996, has reviewed over 1000 beverages. has recognized the top products for Summer 2000 by announcing its selection of the Top Ten Hottest Beverages for Summer 2000. The company's selections for the Top 10 are the products that we feel best embody the new age beverage market. Each of these products has been evaluated on several key factors, including market impact, package design, uniqueness of flavor, and consumer response to the brand. In addition, weighted the taste and thirst quenching capability of each product.

Clearly Canadian's new line of Sparkling Waters was picked as's Number 1 choice for this summer's Top Ten Hottest Beverages for Summer 2000. Jonathan Cronin, VP Marketing for Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation told, "We wanted to get attention this summer with our new packaging design, flavor line-up and the introduction of the diets. Being recognized by the's 'Hottest Beverages' list means Clearly Canadian is making an impression again. It feels really good just to be in the top 10, let alone voted #1! What a way to start the summer!"

In addition to the company's own research, took advantage of its 1.5 million hits per month site traffic and polled many of its visitors. Red Bull Energy Drink was the most requested product and therefore was selected as the Number 2 beverage on the list. Marcus Pichler, who heads Red Bull's US Operations, took being selected as Number 2 in a good spirit. Mr. Pichler told, "We are pleased with being number 2, but next year we definitely want to go for #1."

Picking the Top 10 was a "very difficult task" says John Craven, president of "With literally hundreds of new age products making their way to the shelves each year, it's very difficult to pick the few that are likely to become the top products for that year," says Craven.

Since releasing its Top Ten Hottest Beverages for Summer 2000, has been deluged with emails from consumers and companies alike, complaining that other products should be on the list. "The number of emails is actually quite positive. Competition is good for any industry and we feel that the Top Ten Hottest Beverages for Summer 2000 helps to provide industry and consumer awareness of the many new thirst-quenching beverages," states Jack Craven, Publisher of "When a thirsty consumer is at her local beverage cooler, a lot of shelf space is devoted to Coke and Pepsi. Our top 10 list will give that consumer a reason to walk past Coke and Pepsi to try something new."

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