Berry Bros. & Rudd has lined up a revamp of its The King's Ginger liqueur brand.

The London-based wine and spirits merchants unveiled the new look yesterday (30 September).

The King's Ginger is a 41% abv liqueur created by the maceration of ginger root with lemon peel.

The beverage was formulated by the company in 1903 for King Edward VII, whose physician was concerned about his health, and commissioned the firm to formulate a liqueur which would warm the king on days when he was driving his Daimler.

The King's Ginger will be available from Berry Bros. & Rudd in 50cl bottles from November at GBP17.95 (US$28.36).

Speaking to just-drinks yesterday, Luke Tegner, luxury brands director at BB&R Spirits, said that the company is looking to ship to Greece, Japan and Hong Kong from November, while looking to roll out the brand more broadly across the UK this year. "Plans for activity and promotional events are being drawn up with distributors in all markets," said Tegner.