Berri Ltd hopes to have manufacturing in Asia in place later this year. The Australian juice company said today (1 June) that it expects its branded products to be produced for Asian markets in San Miguel Corp.'s factories in the next six months.

San Miguel acquired half of Berri from private equity investors last year in a transaction that valued the juice company at A$335m.

Speaking to Dow Jones, Berri chief executive Alison Watkins also said that the company saw net profit hit A$9.4m in the six months to 31 December. Sales rose 5% year-on-year, Watkins added. For the 12 months to 30 June 2004, Berri made a profit of A$15.6m.

"Sales momentum remains strong and we are well placed to continue to grow the business with ongoing investment in the brand, product innovation and low cost private label capability," Watkins told the new agency.

In a statement, Watkins also said that Berri is making good progress with its plans for international growth.