Plumtree Software today announced that Beringer Wine Estates will deploy the Plumtree Corporate Portal to all of its employees nationwide. The portal, known as BWEnet, provides a centralized Web platform for Beringer's widely dispersed employees to access company news and information, IBI sales reporting tools, Remedy help-desk services and other internal applications that help Beringer plan and execute its business. By Web-enabling its major business processes, Beringer is extending access to its enterprise applications and information to geographically distributed employees, helping save them time spent gathering resources and increasing productivity.

"Prior to deploying BWEnet, Beringer faced a challenge to centralize and make available corporate information and applications for our employees in remote locations, as well as our field sales force," said John Collins, director of information technology, Beringer Wine Estates. "Now, all Beringer employees have more convenient access to the applications in which we've invested, as well as those we've developed. Salespeople who spent several hours online accessing the necessary resources before, may now save time using the Plumtree-powered BWEnet, where they can access the tools they need to get their jobs done."

What's in the BWEnet Portal? IBI Sales Reporting, Remedy Help Desk,

Workflow, Collaborative Communities

BWEnet integrates enterprise applications and services as Plumtree Portal Gadgets(TM) in one personalized Web experience. Similar in appearance to the sports scoreboards or stock portfolios of a consumer portal, Plumtree Portal Gadgets(TM) are plug-in modules that embed components of applications and interactive Internet services in a personalized portal page. Beringer employees can choose from a menu of gadgets including:

-- IBI Web Focus sales reporting gadget: provides employees with
comprehensive sales data and reporting templates;
-- Remedy help desk gadget: allows employees to file tickets with the
help desk, view their ticket status, and view the total help desk load,
reducing the volume of phone inquiries;
-- workflow gadget: helps Beringer run its day-to-day and long-term
-- "bulletin board" gadgets: permits internal teams, such as IT,
engineering and winemaking, to share documents, and post updates and
messages; and
-- company and industry news.

The BWEnet document directory incorporates Beringer's Novell Network folders, which contain a wide range of corporate and industry information for various service groups including IT, HR, finance, sales and marketing, and enology (winemaking).

"Even traditional industries like wine-making are choosing to implement e-business strategies to help employees work more efficiently," said Plumtree CEO John Kunze. "By creating one place on the Web for everyone, from the vineyard to the retail stores, to have a more comprehensive view of the business, Beringer is not only helping employees to communicate and work more effectively, it is helping establish itself as a leader in creating a symbiosis between enterprise technology and the wine industry."

About Beringer Wine Estates

Beringer Wine Estates is a market leader in the California premium wine industry. The company consists of six award-winning California wineries: Beringer Vineyards, Meridian Vineyards, Chateau St. Jean, Chateau Souverain, Stags' Leap Winery, and St. Clement Vineyards, plus an import portfolio of premium brands from Italy, France and Chile. Beringer Wine Estates controls over 10,200 acres of vineyard land, all in the coastal regions of California.

About Plumtree Software

Plumtree Software is creating a simple, personalized Web portal to the information and applications that businesses use every day. Plumtree's extensible portal platform organizes links to different types of corporate documents in a Web directory, and assembles application and Internet services from different systems in a personalized Web page. Plumtree embeds services from other systems in its portal platform using plug-in components called Plumtree Portal Gadgets(TM), which can be developed in a wide variety of programming environments, on a broad range of platforms. Hundreds of gadgets have been developed by Plumtree and its partners, integrating into the portal application services and content from such vendors as Business Objects, Documentum, eRoom Technology, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Screaming Media, Siebel Systems and others. Plumtree's strategy is to build a network of portal technology and deployment expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Plumtree has more than 50 systems integrators, including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Compaq Computer, and over 100 customers, including Ford Motor Company and Procter & Gamble. Plumtree is working with technology vendors, systems integrators and customers to fortify the Plumtree platform with new gadgets, customer-syndicated content, better deployment methodologies, and industry-specific portal applications.