Beringer Blass Wine Estates, in its commitment to environmental responsibility has announced it is to sign up to a major Federal Government energy saving initiative, the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Resources Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme (EEBP).

Part of the EEBP programme is the Wineries of the Future project, developed in consultation with wine companies and the South Australian Wine and Brandy Industry Association which aims to assist wineries and vineyards to introduce more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources.

Alan Edward, general manager of production for Beringer Blass said the project made good environmental and business sense, as well as fitting neatly within the company's new health, safety and environmental policy.

Edward said: "We're already focusing on energy use issues such as environmental impact and the cost, reliability and quality of supply, so the offer of support and assistance to achieve best practice in these areas is most timely."

The project will also provide practical support by organising innovation workshops and encourage information sharing. Beringer said the initiatives would be available to all companies who commit to the program and will eventually flow through to the whole industry.

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