Beringer Blass Wine Estates has launched White Lie Early Season, a wine marketed directly at women.

With low-calorie White Lie, Beringer has designed a wine to respond to women's increased health-consciousness. The wine will be marketed as designed by women with an understanding of what women really want. This female-targeted wine will benefit from a growing trend of at-home entertainment occasions and an expanding audience of single women with increased disposable income.

Beringer developed an early harvesting method to create a wine for the increasing number of health-conscious women. White Lie has 25% fewer calories than regular Chardonnay and will be priced at approximately US$10 per bottle. The primary sales channel for the wine will be supermarket chains in 12 major markets throughout the US.

While designed for women, Beringer is not relying on a flowery or an otherwise 'feminine' label design to attract these consumers. Instead, bottles will bear very subtle reference to the wine's reduced-calorie composition and cheeky messages about the white lies women tell. The White Lie marketing message, that Beringer understands women and their 'white lies', is cleverly engaging, without being unduly stereotypical or cliched.

The product will benefit from two key market trends. Firstly, at-home entertaining occasions are expected to grow from 5,919m occasions in the US in 2003 to a projected 6,086m occasions in 2008. Secondly, single women comprise the most rapidly growing consumer target audience for wine. Single women are often key alcoholic drinks consumers and have increasing disposable income, due in part to a delay in having children. As such, it is believed these women are more likely to indulge in wine consumption for both stress-relief and social purposes. Indeed, in 2003, consumption by women accounted for 52.5% of US wine market value.

With the launch of White Lie and its carefully planned marketing message, Beringer is hoping to capture a significant share of the alcoholic drink spend of the expanding, and ever more health aware, female market. The success of White Lie hinges on the ability of Beringer to convince this group that this specifically targeted wine is for them. There is no doubt that the marketing concept is shrewd and with well-judged exposure, Beringer may well have hit upon a lucrative idea.