The Scottish brewer, Belhaven Brewery Group, has signed a five-year supply and distribution deal with the Interbrew subsidiary, Tennent Caledonian Breweries (TCB). The deal is thought to be worth in the region of £70m in terms of the lager which TCB will supply to Belhaven.

The agreement continues a relationship between TCB and Belhaven that dates back to 1979, since when Belhaven has obtained most of its lager requirements from TCB, the market leader, in order to focus its production on ale brands such as Belhaven Best. Belhaven sells around 100,000 barrels of lager a year through its 160-outlet pub estate and the free trade.

In addition to continuing to supply Tennent's Lager to Belhaven, under the new deal TCB will also supply Stella Artois following TCB's acquisition by Interbrew.

The announcement of the new deal coincided with the publication of Belhaven's year-end results. In the year to the end of March 2002, the company achieved a pre-tax profit of £9.2m, up 23% from last year's figure of £7.5m. Turnover was 25.5% higher at £69.0m.