The US's Beer Institute (BI) has admitted that brewers can still do more to combat drink driving and underage consumption in the US despite recent successes.

In a white paper released yesterday, the trade body outlined efforts by US brewers and beer importers to promote responsible drinking through advertisements and parent-advice schemes. The paper was distributed to members of Congress and the institute hosted an industry panel in Washington.

Jim McGreevy, CEO & chairman of the BI, which represents large and small US brewers, said that drink driving fatalities in the US are now half of what they were in 1982 while underage drinking is “near historic lows”. 

He added: “But we know there is more work to be done. That is why the member companies of the Beer Institute are committed to responsibility.”

Information in the white paper includes:

  • Last year, brewers and beer importers supplied more than 856,000 consumers alternative rides home
  • More than 200,000 families have taken part in brewer-funded outreach programs designed to provide parents with resources to help them talk to their children about drinking
  • Public research reveals that parents are the most influential on teen attitudes towards drinking

In October, the Beer Institute welcomed a move by the US government to simplify excise tax regulations for small brewers.