By 2005 beer consumption in Russia will have grown by 17%, wine by 31%, while vodka will decline by 14% versus 2002, the country's research group Business Analytica estimates.

Analytica said that in 2002 the Russians consumed 705m decalitres of beer, which is an 11% growth compared with 2001. In 2003 the figure will be 758m decalitres, in 2004 796m decalitres, reaching 828m decalitres by 2005.

Wine consumption grew by 8% to 61m decalitres in 2002 versus 2001 and is projected to reach 66m decalitres for 2003, 73m decalitres in 2004, and 80m decalitres in 2005.

Vodka consumption declined 4% in 2002 compared with 2001, down to 201m decalitres and for 2003 is projected to fall to 193m decalitres, then to 183m decalitres in 2004 and 174m decalitres by 2005. More on the Russian Brewery Union can be found at