Bebida Beverage Company, currently operating as Renovo Holdings, has signed a distribution deal for its Piranha Spring Water brand.

Introduced for the first time last month, Piranha Spring Water is the first product to be launched by the company within the US.

The distribution deal was made with The HT Hackney Co, one of the largest wholesale distributors in the US, covering 21 states, Bebida said today (14 October).

Bebida recently announced that the company was gearing up to launch a marketing campaign aimed at "creating brand awareness and driving consumer demand" for Piranha Spring Water.

It said: "Bebida is very pleased by the addition of such a significant new distribution channel as the company continues to expand marketing efforts for Piranha Spring Water."

Piranha Spring Water is marketed toward youthful and active consumers with the motto "Take A Bite Out Of Thirst." The focus of Bebida Beverage Company is to develop beverage products that consumers desire, seek out by name and can identify as being unique in the marketplace.