Bebida Beverage Company is looking to increase the presence of its Piranha Spring Water brand in the US.

The Las Vegas-based company, which secured a 21-state distribution deal for Piranha with the HT Hackney Co. last month, said yesterday (11 November) that its "primary ... focus" between now and the end of the year will be to "expand Piranha Spring Water into additional retail locations" in the country.

Bebida also said that it plans to run a national promotional push for Piranha, which will launch in the run-up to the holiday season this year, and will continue into the first quarter of next year. Specific details behind the campaign, however, were not disclosed.

A website for the brand is also "anticipated" to be completed and made live before the end of this week.

At the same time, Bebida said it has lined up Koma Energy drink as its entry into the energy drink market. The beverage will be launched early next year.