Beam Global Spirits & Wine has revamped the website for its Bourbon brand Knob Creek.

The US-based company said that it wants to develop a site that is targeted at its core consumers of males aged between 28 and 39.

As well as links to pages detailing the heritage and cocktail recipes for Knob Creek, the site has "The Expedition Room", an online community board where consumers can post information about places they have visited on their travels.

"Our research shows that Knob Creek enthusiasts take their time to explore life deeper and 'go below the surface', the same way we take the time to make our bourbon," said Paige Guzman, associate brand manager for Knob Creek. "The site provides our consumers with a unique bourbon experience and opportunities to increase their bourbon knowledge."

The Knob Creek site was designed by Kentucky-based agency Doe Anderson and New York-based web developer Zezza Network.