Beam Global Spirits & Wine has unveiled a new set of television adverts in the US for its Jim Beam bourbon brand.

The company, a unit of US-based Fortune Brands, confirmed yesterday (14 February) that four new ads will run on various cable networks in the country to promote the flagship brand. The ads are an extension of Jim Beam's first-ever national television campaign - with the tagline 'The Stuff Inside Matters Most' - which launched in September 2005, the company said.

The campaign consists of one 30-second spot, entitled 'Unlabeled,' and three 15-second spots, 'Drink Smart,' 'Pyramid' and 'Send It Back'. The executions focus on the 212-year history and heritage of the bourbon brand. 'The Stuff Inside Matters Most' refers both to "the quality and consistency of the liquid inside the bottle", and to the values shared by the brand and its target consumers, Beam said.

"We aim to build on the brand's momentum with these new advertisements airing on specific cable networks placed during relevant programming to our consumer," said JJ Betts, brand manager for Jim Beam. "In addition to television advertising, Jim Beam has a strong marketing mix in place for 2007 using print advertising and compelling on- and off-premise programs to drive growth."

The ads will air on various cable networks such as Spike TV, Discovery, Country Music Television and ESPN.