Click through to view Beam Incs Pucker Watermelon Wow

Click through to view Beam Inc's Pucker Watermelon Wow

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Beam Inc's Pucker Watermelon Wow

Category - Spirits, vodka, flavoured, 35% abv

Available - From this week

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$16.99 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Beam Inc

Beam Inc has lined up the latest flavoured variant for its Pucker vodka brand. The watermelon extension is the seventh flavour in the Pucker portfolio, joining Sour Apple Sass, Grape Gone Wild, Cherry Tease, Citrus Squeeze, Lemonade Lust and Raspberry Rave.

Last week, Beam toasted a legal ruling in its favour over the use of a woman's lip marks on the packaging for Pucker.

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Pucker Vodka introduces its latest expression, Pucker Watermelon Wow Vodka. Leveraging its bold and innovative flavor expertise, this new vodka features an intense and refreshing watermelon flavor that provides an extra dimension of taste to cocktails.

Made from quadruple distilled vodka and with natural flavors, Pucker Watermelon Wow Vodka is a premium spirit unlike any other flavored vodka on the market. It combines the luscious flavor of watermelon with the invigorating aroma of candied fruit and melon for a unique sensory experience.

"We are thrilled to introduce Pucker Watermelon Wow Vodka," said Kim Washington, Senior Director, Vodkas for Beam Inc. "This refreshing new expression is a perfect addition to our vibrant and innovative line of flavored vodkas, bringing watermelon to consumers in a way that only Pucker Vodka can - up front, intense and full of flavor."

Watermelon Wow is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $16.99 for a 750ml bottle. Available in seven bold flavors, including Sour Apple Sass, Grape Gone Wild, Cherry Tease, Citrus Squeeze, Lemonade Lust, Raspberry Rave and Watermelon Wow, Pucker Vodka continues to deliver a multi-dimensional vodka experience for the playful, audacious, and spontaneous.

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