Click through to view the new bottle for Beam Incs Courvoisier VSOP

Click through to view the new bottle for Beam Inc's Courvoisier VSOP

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Beam Inc has lined up an update and revamped blend for the VSOP variant of its Courvoisier Cognac brand.

The company confirmed late last week that Courvoisier VSOP will be re-branded as Courvoisier VSOP Fine Cognac in all markets. The introduction of the 'Fine Cognac' phrase has been made to reflect the addition of grapes from the Fins Bois region of Cognac to the blend for the expression.

The blend, formerly made up of grapes from only the Grande and Petite Champagne regions, had been previously referred to as 'Fine Champagne'. In a release, the company said it had decided to add Fins Bois grapes to the blend to “add further complexity and fruity, floral notes, which will give us a more versatile blend more in line with the Courvoisier house style”.

“Cognac is increasingly served with ice or mixed in cocktails across many of our key markets,” said Claire Richards, Courvoisier's global senior marketing manager. “As a key marque within our range … it is important that our VSOP displays its full complexity of flavours when mixed.

The change will take effect in the UK and Russia from next month ahead of a global roll-out next year.