Beam Inc bought Pinnacle Vodka in April

Beam Inc bought Pinnacle Vodka in April

Beam Inc has launched a US advertising campaign for Pinnacle Vodka seven months after acquiring the brand.

The TV, print and digital push will take the brand “to the next level”, Beam said yesterday (20 November). "We have the chance to create an iconic integrated brand campaign from the ground up, focusing on the fun of the product,” Beam GM Deb Boyda said.

The marketing, which carries the slogan 'It's More Fun On Top' will launch this week, with cable TV spots, one of which can be viewed below, running until the beginning of next year, Beam said.

Beam said the marketing spend is “multi-millions” of dollars.

Pinnacle, which includes a range of flavoured vodkas, was bought from White Rock Distilleries in April as part of a US$605m deal. White Rock later closed and its facilities in Maine incorporated into Beam.