Click through to view the UK release of Beams Jim Beam Devils Cut

Click through to view the UK release of Beam's Jim Beam Devil's Cut

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Beam Inc has expanded the release of its Jim Beam Devil's Cut to the UK, the company's UK distributor has announced.

The red-coloured Bourbon, which targets the over-25 market, is available now for GBP22.49 (US$36.50) per 70cl bottle, Maxxium UK said today (28 September). The brand was launched in the US last year and in Germany earlier this year, a Maxxium spokesperson told just-drinks.

Eileen Livingston, Maxxium UK’s marketing controller for imported whiskeys, highlighted that there is “significant potential for Bourbon growth” in the UK that Beam is investing in.

At 45% abv, Jim Beam Devil's Cut is stronger than regular Jim Beam. It is made using Bourbon "trapped within the wood of the barrel it is aged in" and mixed with six-year old Jim Beam, the company said. 

Earlier this month, Beam released a multipack RTD version mixed with cola in Australia. There are no plans to release a similar format in the UK, the Maxxium spokesperson said