Beam Global Wine & Spirits is looking to revamp its Teacher's blended Scotch brand.

Speaking to just-drinks yesterday (9 May), Beam's Scotch brand director, Michael Cockram, said that, while the brand had performed "way stronger than expected" last year, Beam is looking to update its look and add to the Teacher's stable.

"Volume remains high for Teacher's, at 575,000 cases last year, so it's hardly a declining brand and still retaining its share," Cockram said. "We've got a strong potential for that brand, but something which wasn't exploited in the past by Allied Domecq."

Cockram noted, however, that the packaging for the whisky needs modernising. "We need to really improve the packaging on Teacher's," he said. "We inherited a brand which has got three slightly different packaging propositions - one in Brazil, one in Rest of the World and one in the UK. We need to have a single packaging solution on Teacher's and it needs to be stronger.

"The Teacher's branding is actually quite weak and the packaging looks a bit old-fashioned and slightly dull, and that needs to change."

At the same time, Cockram said Beam will be looking at launching a blended malt whisky version of Teacher's, launched at a premium price point. "We're trying to get a product that can compete with Johnnie Walker Black and Chivas Regal," he said. "Premium blends is one of the fastest growing segments of the Scotch whisky market, but we're not there at the moment."

Cockram targeted the third quarter of next year for the fresh packaging and the brand extension.