Beam Global Spirits & Wine is looking to raise money for a prostate cancer charity in the US through its Canadian Club whisky brand.

The company said yesterday (14 October) that it will look to recruit 'Mo Bros' and 'Mo Sistas' to the Prostate Cancer Foundation's 'Movember' campaign, which encourages men to grow moustaches in the month of November.

Canadian Club and Movember will challenge consumers, Beam Global employees and distributor partners in all 50 states to grow the best moustache and raise money for Movember. 'Mo Bros' start the month of November clean shaven, but grow a moustache throughout the month while 'Mo Sistas' help collect donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of America.

In support of the programme, several members of Beam's executive team have committed to growing a moustache - or 'Mo' as it is known in Australian slang - including company president and CEO, Tom Flocco and global chief marketing officer, Rory Finlay. Beam is challenging at least 150 employees and partners to grow moustaches and raise US$60,000 throughout the month of November. The Beam Global Mo who raises the most money will receive a trip to the Playboy mansion.

Canadian Club will enlist consumers to take part through on-trade events in the US by utilising moustache drink stirrers, mirror clings, t-shirts, booklets highlighting the partnership and cause, and a speciality 'Mo cocktail' called the Burgundy. The month culminates in parties in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago and Aspen for 'Mo Bros' and 'Mo Sistas' who raise more than $100 for prostate cancer.

"Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America, affecting one in six men," said Brian Stockard, Beam's brand manager for Canadian Club. "Movember is an engaging way to raise awareness and money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of America. The Canadian Club Damn Right platform is a fun way to bring attention to this serious matter, while bringing the moustache back on the face of fashion."