Beam Global Spirits & Wine is set to adopt a stricter approach to its alcohol advertising in the US.

The drinks arm of Fortune Brands said yesterday (7 May) that the new voluntary standards will restrict its marketing to print, television and radio outlets where the audience comprises at least 75% legal purchase age adults. This is higher than the current industry standard of 70%, the company claimed.

Beam has also said it will not market or advertise at 'Spring Break' events nor utilise the term 'Spring Break' in any marketing materials; restrict brand images in video games; not market or sell any products in the 'Flavoured Malt Beverage' category, and not advertise on outdoor locations within 500 feet of playgrounds.

"The purpose of our advertising is to encourage legal purchase age adults who choose to drink to select our brands," said Chris Swonger, senior vice president for corporate affairs at Beam. "There is no causal connection between alcohol advertising and underage drinking. Our actions announced today will help further ensure that our advertising is directed only to adult audiences. Beam Global's new standards represent an enhanced commitment to responsible marketing practices further enabling us to meet and exceed our own longstanding standards of social responsibility.

"We will continue working with interested parties focusing on substantive measures to eliminate underage drinking like preventing access to alcohol."

Earlier this year, Beam launched a global marketing code of practice, which will act as a guideline in countries where national codes are less developed.