Dutch brewer Bavaria has won an appeal court decision to secure the trademark rights for its namesake beer in Italy.

The Italian Court of Cassation yesterday (25 September) rejected an appeal by an alliance of German brewers that it owned the rights to the Bavaria name as a protected geographical indication. The decision ends Bavaria's six-year battle with the alliance to continue selling its beer in Italy and follows other legal victories in Australia, Spain and the European Court of Justice.

The alliance, called Bayrischer Brauerbund, registed the trademark 'Bayerisches Bier' in 2001 as a protected geographical indication (PGI) in the EU. Since then, it has attempted to stop Bavaria from using the Bavaria name in EU member states. Bayerisches Bier translates into English as Bavarian beer.

Bavaria board member Peer Swinkels said: “This conclusion is a great support to further building our brandname and to enhancing the perception of quality of our Bavaria-brand. We can now concentrate on continuing our business in Italy."