Arc "world first"
Arc, a premium draught lager, served at sub-zero temperature, giving a pint topped with soft crystals of frozen lager is a "world first," says its creators, Bass Brewers.

Retailing at between £2.80 and £3.50 a pint, Arc is already available in some London pubs, but by the end of the year the company is hoping for a nationwide launch into at least 200 pubs across the UK.

Describing the super chilling process Bass said; "The science behind Arc is a clash of temperature and pressure in a dramatic physical event, resulting in crystal growth. Increased pressure lowers the freezing point of liquid, and therefore by releasing the pressure of lager stored at sub zero temperature, crystal growth occurs naturally and carbonation bubbles released on dispense act as a nuclei for crystal growth in a super chilled lager.

New Arc style font

The first stage involves the pint glass being rapidly chilled, then Arc is dispensed at a sub-zero temperature into the rotating glass and while pouring an ultrasonic trigger provides the necessary energy to encourage the development of the soft crystals. Finally condensation on the glass is removed to enhance the presentation of the pint and, says Bass showing a perfect head and the all-important crystal formation.

The dispense system is automatic, just one press of a button and technology takes over, and a new style of font has been created for Bass to showcase the pint's crystal formation during pour.

But, remaining tight lipped about Arcs' development and cost, a spokesperson for Bass told just-drinks: "Bass has invested quite heavily, the costs are confidential, the technology is quite sophisticated and it has been patented as well, and so are protective over it."