The Bosnian Serb Government is to attempt the privatisation of local brewer Banjalucka Pivara for a third time. The authorities said today (4 February) that it will invite international investors to bid for a 53.8% stake in the brewer.

In a statement on the Government Website, Zoran Dosen, head of the strategic companies' privatisation team, said: "Unlike previous tenders, this time we will allow bids from investors whose core activity might not be beer production and distribution."

The Government has tried to privatise Banjalucka Pivara twice before. Previously, eligible bidders were required to have at least a 10-year history in the beer industry, and to have annual net revenue of at least 100m Bosnian marka (US$66.2m).

The Government has earlier estimated Banjalucka's value at 43m marka, but the company was offered without a starting price in April last year.

SABMiller, Interbrew, Carlsberg, and Heineken, through its Austrian subsidiary BBAG, all showed interest in Banjalucka at the previous tender.