MPs on the health committee have made range of proposals to the government

MPs on the health committee have made range of proposals to the government

Members of Parliament for England and Wales have urged the Government to seriously consider a ban on alcohol advertising on televison, in cinemas and for sports events.

In a report published today (19 July), the 11-strong Health Committee argues that France's Loi Evin law, which has operated since 1991, deserves "serious examination in the English context". The report calls for the newly-formed Public Health England body to commission a study to consider the impact if the "principles" of Loi Evin were adopted in the UK. 

The 50-page report also backs the government's proposal for minimum pricing. But, it warns that a setting of the price should not be a "one-off event". "Once a minimum price is introduced, if it is judged to be successful, the level will need to be monitored and adjusted over time," the report says. 

The cross-party committee recommends a "sunset clause" for minimum pricing, so it would only be kept in place if proved to be effective. 

The report, on the Government's alcohol strategy launched in March, also questions the drinks industry's attitudes to advertising. "If the industry wishes to be regarded as a serious and committed partner in the Responsibility Deal it must acknowledge the power of its advertising messages and accept responsibility for their consequences," it says.

The MPs also said the focus on the government's alcohol strategy was too heavily weighted on issues around anti-social behaviour and public disorder. 

"Those are important issues, but the health impact of chronic alcohol misuse is, in our view, also significant and greater emphasis needs to be placed on addressing that impact," the committee's chairman, Stephen Dorrell MP said.