Click through to view Balcones Fifth Anniversary Single Barrel Texas Straight Bourbon

Click through to view Balcones Fifth Anniversary Single Barrel Texas Straight Bourbon

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Balcones Fifth Anniversary Single Barrel Texas Straight Bourbon

Category - Spirits, Bourbon, 64.2% abv

Available - From next month

Location - Online, exclusively through Master of Malt's website

Price - RRP of GBP95 (US$148) per 75cl bottle, only ten units available

Distribution - Master of Malt

Balcones has partnered with UK-based website Master of Malt to launch its limited edition single-barrel fifth anniversary Texas Bourbon. The expression has been launched to celebrate Balcomes Distillery's fifth anniversary, with only ten units available to buy from the site.

It is already available in limited quantities in the US.

Last year, the company partnered with The Whisky Exchange for the launch of four whiskies in the UK.

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Balcones, trailblazing home of the Original Texas Whisky, has released the long awaited single barrel of Texas Bourbon in the UK, to celebrate the distillery's 5th Anniversary.

This extraordinary rare spirit is the first full-size, 53-gallon barrel of Texas Bourbon ever to be released. It is Texas’ first single-barrel Bourbon release, the first barrel of Bourbon Balcones ever produced and North Central Texas’ first artisan bourbon. It is the first of four single barrel releases to celebrate the first five years of Balcones.

Chip Tate, renowned President and Head Distiller at Balcones said: "It seemed fitting that Balcones release a true artisan, craft bourbon made by me start to finish here in Texas to celebrate Balcones’ five years in craft distilling."

"Authenticity is at the heart of any great craft and this is our attempt to make that point through our whisky. It’s also just fun to keep little surprises up your sleeve. Who knows what else you might see from Balcones in the future?"

There will be just 10 bottles available to buy in the UK, all available exclusively through online whisky specialist Master Of Malt from mid-September 2013, RRP: £95.

Anyone who doesn't manage to get hold of a bottle will have to wait for the next Balcones 5th Anniversary single barrel release in the months to come.

Ben Ellefsen at Master of Malt said: "We are delighted to be exclusively selling this Balcones Bourbon in the UK. Our consumers are increasingly looking for interesting, unique small batch spirits and appreciate the value of them. They want a story and a personality behind what they buy. This special Bourbon fits these credentials perfectly!"

To launch this, Master of Malt and Balcones is co-hosting a Google Hangout Tasting with Chip. Craft whisky and Bourbon lovers can join the 'Hangout' mid-September.

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