Baileys is about to be relaunched in South Africa after a two-year absence. Brandhouse, the recently-formed South Africa joint venture between Diageo, Heineken and Namibian Breweries, has said that it will spend over ZAR20m (US$3.28m) on the relaunch.

Brandhouse plans to reintroduce Baileys after the group stopped investing in the brand and no longer saw it as a priority. Baileys is the sixth-largest spirits brand, selling around 75m bottles a year globally.

The group also announced recently that it has added another ready-to-drink brand to its range in the form of Smirnoff Triple Spin.

At the same time it has reduced the sugar content of Archers' Aqua by up to 30% after consumers said they found it too sweet compared with other brands in the category. The bottle has also been redesigned.