Click through to see the new Bacardi Originals

Click through to see the new Bacardi Originals

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Bacardi's Originals, Cuba Libre and Mojito

Category - Spirits, pre-mixers, Cuba Libre (5% abv) and Mojito (5.4% abv)

Available - From the beginning of February

Location - UK, on-trade. Off-trade launch to follow, but a release date has not been finalised

Price - Around GBP3.75 (US$6) per 275ml bottle

Distribution - Bacardi Brown-Forman

Bacardi Originals were unveiled last night (20 February) at a presentation in London.

The two variants are “inspired” by the Mojito and Cuba Libre cocktails, the company said, and will be targeted as an alternative to drinking beer or wine in the UK on-trade.

The launch will be backed by a GBP3m (US$4.8m) marketing campaign over the first nine months, which will include print press and outdoor advertising but will focus primarily on digital activity.

Distribution will be handled by Bacardi Brown-Forman, the joint sales and distribution vehicle for the two firms in the UK.

The arrival of the two pre-mix drinks does not signal a change of focus away from the Bacardi Breezer RTD brand. Speaking to just-drinks, Bacardi Brown-Forman's marketing director, Liam Newton, said that Bacardi Breezer “remains a key part of the portfolio. The firm will announce new plans for the RTD in the coming months, Newton added.