Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro

Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro

Bacardi's Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro

Category - Rum, white, 

Available - From this month

Location - Travel retail, globally

Price - GBP36 (US$61) per 1-litre bottle

Distribution - Bacardi

Bacardi is set to release a super-premium extension of its namesake white rum brand that has been designed for sipping.

Gran Reserva Maestro comprises blended rum that has been aged for up to three years. “The global super premium white spirits segment has grown strongly over the past decade,” said Mike Birch, MD of Bacardi Global Travel Retail. “We are seizing a clear opportunity to upgrade existing white spirits shoppers into the super premium white rum segment.”

The expression will be available initially as a global Travel Retail exclusive.

Last week, Bacardi announced the appointment of an interim CEO.

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BACARDÍ proudly announces the launch of BACARDÍ® GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON, a super-premium white sipping rum, exclusively in Global Travel Retail.

GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO is a super-premium expression of sipping rum that celebrates the craft of our Maestros de Ron (master blenders) and provides a sophisticated trade-up option for premium white spirits drinkers.

Created by our Maestros de Ron, the blend was inspired by a recipe passed down through generations of Master Blenders and uses a slow-filtering of the blended rum – aged up to 3 years – through a unique coconut shell charcoal, creating this superbly smooth rum. The rum expresses fruity, floral and vanilla notes with hints of walnut, oak and almond with a taste that is mellow, with slightly sweet notes and a hint of vanilla – perfect to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

This super premium line is sure to please any discerning rum loyal by highlighting the quality, versatility and craft of BACARDÍ and our Maestros.

Innovated by Bacardi and launched initially as an exclusive to Travel Retail, the first limited production of BACARDÍ GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON will drive an exceptional new dynamic for the rum category, driving trade-up among premium spirits drinkers and creating an exciting new occasion for rum.

Mike Birch, Managing Director, Bacardi Global Travel Retail, outlines the power of BACARDÍ GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON to deliver a vital new dynamic to the category, “The global super premium white spirits segment has grown strongly over the past decade and, backed by the unique quality and heritage of the BACARDÍ brand and its market-leading position in the category, we are seizing a clear opportunity to upgrade existing white spirits shoppers into the super premium white rum segment. We are confident that this stunning innovation with BACARDÍ GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON will set the pace globally for growth in the rum category and inject new levels of excitement among consumers that will ultimately lead to premiumization of the rum category as a whole.”

To further enhance the brand experience, BACARDÍ GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON is offered in a new sophisticated and distinctive bottle that features solid Georgian green glass and elegant, strong lines reflecting the essence of the brand and its heritage. The optical effect of the glass interacting with the rum enhances the clarity, smoothness and purity of the liquid, creating a powerful and distinctive on-shelf statement.

The BACARDÍ heritage is expressed through the unmistakable wax seal, featuring the revered bat logo, engraved script on the glass, a hand-crafted label and a premium stopper shaped from raw wood, conveying the integrity of this authentic and natural product.

Amit Datta, Brand Manager BACARDÍ Rums, Bacardi Global Travel Retail, has led the innovation launch on BACARDÍ GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON and comments: “Discerning rum consumers appreciate the extraordinary pioneering position of BACARDÍ in the history of rum and will be intrigued to experience this super premium white sipping rum, hand-crafted by today’s Maestros de Ron and inspired by a generations-old recipe. We are determined to fully harness the unique power of the BACARDÍ brand to drive category growth through this and further innovative launches and activations to engage and excite the consumer, creating clear differentiation in the category.”

The launch of BACARDÍ GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON will be supported through a strong programme of HPPs at major airport locations across the world, beginning in summer 2014. With a particular emphasis on sampling and engagement, consumers will be drawn to the stunning new BACARDÍ Cuban tasting bar concept, re-creating an authentic retro-style experience of old Havana.

BACARDÍ GRAN RESERVA MAESTRO DE RON (1 litre) is priced at £36.00.

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