Bacardi USA, a unit of Bermuda-based Bacardi, said US depletions reached an all-time high of more than 8.2m cases in 2003, led by its signature line of rums.

"Bacardi rum is the key to favorite drinks like the mojito and is the primary ingredient in the world's most popular cocktail, Bacardi and cola," said Eduardo Sardina, Bacardi USA's president and CEO. "We are also cognizant of the change in lifestyle of many of our consumers. Bacardi and diet cola has no sugar and no carbohydrates, so it fits current health and fitness consumer trends."

Rum depletions rose 5%, partly due to the introduction of raspberry, vanilla and coconut flavors. Sales of its Bacardi Silver line, which is produced in partnership with Anheuser-Busch and includes Bacardi Silver Raz and Bacardi Silver 03, grew "beyond original predictions" with a 20% jump. Bacardi's line of drink mixes also beat company expectations with depletions of 500,000 cases.

Dewar's volume sales and market share rose, boosted by a 30% increase in Dewar's 12 depletions. Bombay Gin sales increased, with Bombay Sapphire seeing double-digit gains. Cazadores Blue Agave tequila depletions rose 16% in the brand's first full year since acquisition, Martini & Rossie vermouth rose 4%, Martini & Rossi Asti rose 3% and Disaronno Amaretto gained 7%.