Bacardi has lined up the launch of a limited edition run of its namesake white rum brand.

The company said today (6 October) that the launch, which is limited to 7,500 cases worldwide, has been designed to "commemorate the journey and the impact" of the Daiquirí cocktail.

The Bacardi Superior Rum Limited Edition Heritage bottle is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Daiquirí cocktail leaving its Cuban birthplace, and takes as its inspiration the original 100-year-old bottle.

Produced in the company's Destilería La Galarza in Mexico, the 44.5% abv Bacardi Superior Rum will be presented in a wooden case and carries a retail price in countries and travel retail around the world of US$50.

The Daiquirí was created in 1898 by US mining engineer Jennings Stockton Cox, who used to work in the copper mines of Daiquirí in Cuba. Cox served the cocktail to US Navy Officer Lucius W. Johnson during a visit to Cuba in 1910, and Johnson shared the recipe with the bartenders he met on his subsequent travels.