The pre-mixed spirit drink Bacardi & Cola has been redesigned to give it a more premium image. And the new look is to be accompanied by the launch of a diet variant, which Bacardi claims will make the drink the only brand in the market to offer a low calorie variant.

Bacardi said that "diet" now accounted for 46% of the total cola market and in Bacardi's case 90% is drunk with cola, with one in four people choosing diet. All this means "massive untapped potential for this drink," the company said.

Meanwhile the redesign brings the brand more into line with the parent Bacardi brand, with the neck collar picking out Don Facundo Bacardi's signature, while the words "Bacardi Superior" and the bat logo feature on the label centrally.

Jane Callard, senior off-trade marketing manager at Bacardi-Martini Ltd said: "This is such an obvious step for us to take. Now we have the new product and the stylish new packaging, we will be committing major resources into increasing distribution, so all areas of the trade can benefit."