The new look Dewars line-up

The new look Dewar's line-up

Bacardi has unveiled a new look for its Dewar’s blended Scotch whisky brand. 

The company has redesigned the packaging and bottle shape for each expression in the Dewar's range, it said today (7 April). The refresh will initially launch this month in the UK, Spain and Greece, followed by “all other markets”, including the US, Travel Retail, Russia, India and Lebanon. 

The design is aimed to reflect the heritage of the brand, which dates back to 1846.

All future activity around Dewar’s will also run under the banner ‘True Scotch Since 1846’. 

The new image is being backed by the company's 'Live True' marketing campaign, which launched last September

Bacardi was forced to pull an online ad for Dewar's in the US in December, after accusations the spot was sexist