Bacardi-Martini, the world's largest rum producer has launched an international 'back to rum movement' as it plans to build its marketshare in India.Ashish Mishra, marketing controller at Bacardi-Martini India told the Indian newspaper Economic Times: "Rum was the entry point for the young drinker. But after a certain age and as he got his first promotion, he moved on to other spirits. With our Bacardi Reserva premium aged rum, we are trying to target the consumer who has not forgotten those days."Weekend holiday packages called the Bacardi Reserva Weekend Trials are also being launched by the company, which wants to target "successful and fun-loving corporate executives" who do not have time for long annual holidays and prefer short breaks."Our customer is interested in short-term breaks. By offering him a value-added experience, we aim to create a stronger relationship with the brand. The company hopes to develop the weekend packages as a property that would establish a strong relationship with the consumer and build the brand," said Mishra.