Following its £4m ($6.4m) UK Christmas 'Tom Cat' advertisement, Bacardi Breezer is branching out into the world of feline fashion with on-cat advertising.

In the latest twist to this ad campaign, Bacardi-Martini has already produced 1000 trademark Tom Cat collars, complete with Bacardi bottle top, to be given away in reader offers and competitions.

Brent Smith, trade-marketing controller at Bacardi-Martini Ltd said: "We have received an outstanding response to the advertisement, with cat lovers nationwide finding it particularly entertaining."

"We wanted to share in the enthusiasm with which the advertisement has been received whilst also continuing the humour and successfully capturing the playful nature of Bacardi Breezer," he added.

The advertisement details the fortunes of a real life cat (the beloved pet of an elderly woman) with an almost human personality. The advertisement opens with Tom Cat's owner going about her daily activities - knitting, gardening, watching television and talking to Tom.

As night falls, Tom sneaks out of the cat flap and heads for the trendiest venue in town where he takes to the dance floor with an adoring female audience looking on.

Tom eventually returns home, climbing through the cat flap with a Bacardi Breezer bottle top tag on his collar, to be met with an ironic "Have you been out chasing birds again?"

Bacardi-Martini has announced that discussions are now under way for a second run of Tom's trademark collar to be produced.