Bacardi rum and Coca-Cola have joined forces to create a branded glass for the UK on-trade, as part of an ongoing alliance between the two companies.

The glass is intended to generate visibility for the two products together and add value for the trade. The glass incorporates the two logos: 'Coke' on one side and the Bacardi Bat logo on the other.

The glasses are available through March from most wholesalers. 

Bruce Ray, director of trade marketing for Bacardi-Martini comments: "With 86% of Bacardi rum being consumed with cola, Bacardi and 'Coke' make the ideal partnership. These premium quality brands are two of the few drinks to benefit from a branded bar call, thus this ongoing association will continue to ensure consumers experience the best taste possible."

"We have a great relationship with the team at 'Coke'," he continued, "and this is one of many initiatives we are bringing to market. This not only benefits both of us, but importantly will deliver ongoing valuable profit opportunities to the trade."