Click through to view Babco Europes CocaBlue Coca Leaf Liqueur

Click through to view Babco Europe's CocaBlue Coca Leaf Liqueur

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Babco Europe's CocaBlue Coca Leaf Liqueur   

Category - Spirits, liqueur, 55.5% abv

Available - From November

Location - UK, initially online at, then "demand-led on-trade distribution". Other markets to be decided.

Price - SRP GBP250 (US$406) per 70cl bottle

Distribution and marketing - Proof Drinks

Proof Drinks has launched Babco Europe's limited-edition coca leaf liqueur in the UK, which taps into Bolivia's Mayan heritage.

CocaBlue is created from 100% coca leaf distillate and limited to 100 cases, a spokesperson for distributor Proof Drinks told just-drinks today (18 September). CocaBlue will only be available in the UK, the spokesperson said.

Earlier this year, Dublin-based Babco Europe launched Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor.

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Proof Drinks will release a limited edition version of CocaBlue produced by the makers of the popular herbal liqueur Agwa de Bolivia. It is distilled from the same batch of coca leaf used to craft Agwa de Bolivia, which also contains 37 herbs and botanicals finished to 30% ABV. In contrast, the super-premium CocaBlue is created from 100% coca leaf distillate, finished to 55.5% ABV.

Proof Drinks, the UK importers of Agwa de Bolivia and CocaBlue, held a very successful tasting of the exclusive liquid at an event in London on August 30th. Only 100 cases will be produced for the UK market and made available from November, with each specially packaged bottle priced at £250.00. Proof Drinks Director Paul Ferguson said: “After the success of Agwa de Bolivia coca leaf liqueur we feel privileged to manage this truly unique addition. At 111 proof the coca leaf flavour is amazingly smooth on the palate, powerful and unforgettable. We don’t expect the limited number of gift-packed bottles to stay around for long.”

The Coca Blue recipe distils coca leaves picked high in the Andes- well above 2000 metres- where they grow under conditions of extreme air pressure, making them smaller, more intense and powerful, rich in flavour and alkaloids. The handpicked bales are then shipped to Amsterdam for distillation and bottling. The colour blue is a faithful match to Mayan Blue: an organic pigment used for decorating pottery, murals and in sacrificial rituals. Blue was a sacred colour in Mayan culture and complements the presentation of the brand.

Prior to the production of this single small batch by Babco Europe, only two custom-made decanters of the 111 proof CocaBlue have been commissioned. The first decanter was presented to Princess Maxima of the Netherlands on the 14th October 2010 at a ceremony held in The Hague to support cultural and trade relations between Bolivia and The Netherlands, and the second was gifted to Bolivian President Evo Morales at a UN convention in Vienna on the 12th of March this year in support of his campaign to lift the ban on international commercial trading of the coca leaf. 

Replicas of these decanters are on display at the Coca Leaf Experience Museum in Amsterdam.

Babco Europe has timed the release of this limited edition batch distillation of CocaBlue to mark the end of the Long Count Mayan calendar on the 21st December 2012. The release is a central part of Agwa de Bolivia’s ‘End of the World’ promotional campaign that also sees Agwa hosting a series of apocalypse themed parties on the 21st December in Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Auckland and Sydney. There will be competitions in the UK to win a trip for two to the ‘End of World Party’ city of choice and to ‘Party like there’s no tomorrow’, just in case the Mayan calendar proves to be accurate!

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