Avion Silver

Avion Silver

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Avion Tequila's Tequila Avion

Category - Spirits, Tequila, 40% abv

Available - Since July

Location - US, in New York and California, on- and off-trade

Price - SRP of US$35 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Various appointed distributors across the US

Avion Tequila was formed by “a group of entrepreneurs and beverage industry professionals”.

Tequila Avion is produced from blue weber agave in the higher regions of Jalisco, Mexico, 7,000ft above sea level. The brand was the subject of an episode of the US television show Entourage. An episode featuring the Tequila brand, aired in the US on 29 August.

Tequila Avion is available in Silver, Reposado - aged for six months in oak barrels - and Anejo -aged for two years in American oak casks – variants.