The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld complaints that advertising for the successful Indian beer brand Cobra in the UK are misleading.

Refresh UK, owner of Bangla Premium Beer through its subsidiary the Far East Beer Company, had objected to Cobra advertising claims that Cobra beer was less gassy than competitors' lagers and that selling Cobra beer could double retailers' beer sales.

The ASA upheld both complaints from Refresh. UBSN and Carlsberg Tetley Brewing made similar complaints. The ASA said: "The 'less gassy' claim implied that it was true for both the advertisers' bottled and draught products, and because the advertisers could not demonstrate the claim was true for their draught beer, the advertisement was misleading".

It went on: "The advertisement implied that most restaurants stocking the advertiser's product could double their sales of lager. Because that was supported by stock information from one restaurant only", (and this was only obtained after the advertising had begun) "the Authority concluded that the advertisement was misleading."