Click through to view Australian Vintages Miranda Summer Light Shiraz

Click through to view Australian Vintage's Miranda Summer Light Shiraz

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Australian Vintage's Miranda Summer Light

Category - Wine, Australia, 5.5% abv

Available - From mid-August

Location - UK, off-trade, listings confirmed in Morrison’s and Tesco supermarket chains

Price - RRP of GBP5.99 (US$9.20) per bottle

Distribution - Australian Vintage

Australian Vintage is targeting the low alcohol market in the UK with the launch of two variants under the Miranda Summer Light brand name. The Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz wines are the result of a AUD1.8m (US$1.6m) investment in Spinning Cone Column technology by the company.

Earlier this year, Australian Vintage posted sliding sales and profits for the six months to the end of December as a fall in lower margin sales and higher costs hit the bottom line.

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Australian Vintage Limited has announced that they will be launching a brand new, low alcohol wine into the UK from mid-August – Miranda Summer Light. Comprising a Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz, both at 5.5%abv, Summer Light is designed to fill a gap in the low alcohol market, a category which is worth £42.8m in the UK off trade.

Summer Light is made using industry leading technology, the next generation of Spinning Cone Column (SCC). The patented technology, which represents a $1.8m investment by Australian Vintage, is the only dedicated SCC for wine in Australia. By reducing alcohol at 42°C, rather than the 62°C industry standard, alcohol extraction is ‘gentler’ on the fruit to retain more character & flavour.

Comments Julian Dyer, general manager for the UK: “Summer Light is a full flavour wine that is lighter in alcohol, without compromising on taste or enjoyment. Designed with the health conscious consumer in mind, a 125ml glass of the Sauvignon Blanc contains just 45 calories, while the same size glass of the Shiraz contains 55 calories.”

Summer Light ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ has a lovely clean, crisp palate bursting with tropical fruit flavours & a hint of citrus. Summer Light ‘Shiraz’ has an abundance of red and blackberry fruit flavours and a hint of vanilla from oak maturation.

RRP £5.99. Confirmed listings in Morrison’s and Tesco from early Autumn.

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