This month's drinks innovations have thrown up a child-friendly fruit drink, a world-first PET carton for milk, and a curious-sounding liqueur.

Nestlé has introduced a children's fruit drink in France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The Peque Fruta, containing 100% crushed fruit and no added sugar, comes in a carton with a large, sealable top, allowing the child to drink the chunky fruit content without the aid of a spoon. The product is recommended for children over 15 months.

In Spain, Grupo Leche Pascual has launched what it claims to be the first milk in the world to be presented in a PET bottle. The brand extension for Leche Pascual Uperisada enables the milk to avoid the dual heat treatment undergone by sterilised milks packed in polyenlhylene, while guaranteeing the same quality as milks packed in aseptic cartons, the company claims.

The new label for Hijos de Jose Bassols' Sant Aniol branded mineral water is produced in such a way that the water takes on the colour of the label. The labelling is either blue, green or red, depending on whether it is sparkling, soft sparkling or natural variety. The water is sold in Japan, the US and Spain in 1 litre-, 500ml- and 250ml-glass bottles.

The BG7 energy drink has been developed by H3Enterprises, in association with the basketball player Ben Gordon. Unusually, this antioxidant health drink is made with white tea, which is said to have five times the antioxidants and health benefits of green tea. The beverage, released in the US, is touted as the first energy drink on the market to be named after and promoted by an NBA player.

Trinity Products' Signs & Wonders Peanut Milk is also publicised as being a high energy drink. The non-dairy drink - which is named after a phrase in the Bible - claims to have a variety of health benefits in addition to boosting energy levels, including aiding the immune system and improving the condition of the skin. Originating in a San Francisco café, the company gives 10% of its beverage profits to charity.

Finally, and possibly less healthily, banana cream liqueur Licor De Banana Creme from Cia. da Banana is touted as the first liqueur to be made of real bananas. The new liqueur has een launched in Brazil.

All of these innovations have been reported on Datamonitor's Productscan Online service.